Playing croquet in a retirement village

Grab a mallet and discover the benefits of playing!

As you head into your retirement years, you’ll probably get to understand more than ever the importance of keeping yourself fit and healthy.


7 ways to stay socially active in retirement

How building (and keeping) friendships improves your health and wellbeing

So you’ve reached an age where you’ve had people come and go from your life. Your children have grown and flown the nest. You’ve lost loved ones or perhaps you’ve been separated by circumstances or geography. Friends may have left the area, become grey nomads, or moved into retirement living.


Planning for your future care and support needs in a retirement community

Is a family home or retirement village home best for ageing in place?

Changes to the Government care scheme in 2018 mean retirees can now decide for themselves how they allocate their funding allowance – in other words, which services they require and who they want to provide them. This development brings with it a push towards more, and higher care, services being delivered at home.


A simple secret to increasing your life expectancy in retirement

Could the fountain of youth involve something you’re already doing?

As you head into your retirement years, you’ll probably understand more than ever the importance of keeping yourself fit and healthy.


Can you live in a retirement village and still work?

9 ways you can enjoy an amazing lifestyle without giving up work

When you’re picturing your retirement, do you imagine spending more leisure time or continuing on with your work? Are you looking forward to relaxing with friends and family, enjoying some gardening, getting to the golf course more often, or even travelling around Australia? Or would you prefer to remain at work, maybe take on a senior position, mentor colleagues, grow your business, or even start a new one?


How to ensure an independent retirement lifestyle without owning a car

Tips for ensuring a great lifestyle without the expense

If you’re one of the small percentage of retirees who has never driven a vehicle, then you are already well attuned to getting yourself out and about. 


A guide to retirement villages and aged care

How accessing the right care can improve your retirement lifestyle

When you start to investigate the Renaissance retirement lifestyle, you might be amazed by the opportunities your new situation will bring you. 


The importance of staying connected in retirement

17 ways to get more from your retirement lifestyle

There’s a difference between being alone and feeling lonely. It’s always good to enjoy a little ‘alone time’ to relax, clear your head, and recharge your batteries – and that’s especially true once you’ve retired.


11 ways to get (and stay) active in a retirement community

Here’s why you’ll never be stuck for something to do at Renaissance!

You’ve probably heard the message many times: as you move into retirement, it’s so important to keep active and stay healthy! Studies show that retirees can benefit from physical exercise more than any other segment of the population. 


12 tips to maintain your brain in retirement

Fun ways to improve your memory and your lifestyle

As we grow older, we all want to stay in the best shape we can – to stay vital and active, retain our independence, and enjoy what can be the very best years of our lives. 

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