Why more and more people are retiring to the Redlands

Take a visit to this beautiful seaside shire and see for yourself 

More retirees than ever are leaving the suburbs behind and opting for a sea change in the Redlands. They’re packing up the family home and downsizing to free up their time and money... and enjoy the fabulous village atmosphere.


How does moving into a retirement village affect my pension?

Tips to help you navigate your Income Test and Assets Test

You’ve decided to downsize from the family home and move into community living. You have picked the perfect retirement village, and even found your ideal villa. Then comes the job of packing up and selling the family home. All big decisions to make!


Making the move from family home to retirement village

Tips to help you decide when it’s time

Most of us will reach a point in our life where we just “know” it’s time to downsize, move out of the family home, and start enjoying our retirement while we’re still active.


How to talk to your parents about moving into a retirement village

Tips to help you, when you know it’s time

If you're worried about how your mum or dad are coping with living in the family home, it can be difficult to know how to talk to them about the situation.

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