How to tell if your parents are ready to move to a retirement village

Think about these 5 points before you decide

Today’s retirement villages are more like luxury resorts than the ‘old folk’s homes’ of the past. They boast modern, spacious homes and villas, large entertainment areas, libraries and workshops, and a full range of activities to keep any retiree fit and active.


What can I do to stop my elderly mum being lonely?

6 tips to help your aging parents avoid the risks of loneliness in retirement

If you’re concerned about your parents getting lonely now they’re retired, you might be wondering if there’s anything you (as a good and supportive daughter or son!) can do for them.


21 boredom busters for your retirement

Try these entertaining ideas for your retirement lifestyle

Welcome to your retirement! If you’ve recently retired, you might be wondering how you’ll spend all your extra free time. What a wonderful “problem” to have!


Gardening in a retirement village

Downsize your garden – not the joy you get from gardening!

There’s no doubt that having a creative outlet is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy your retirement years. And residents at Renaissance Retirement Living at Victoria Point find that gardening gives them just such an escape.


Playing croquet in a retirement village

Grab a mallet and discover the benefits of playing!

As you head into your retirement years, you’ll probably get to understand more than ever the importance of keeping yourself fit and healthy.


How do retirement village management fees work?

Here’s why residents’ fees won't rise uncontrollably or become unaffordable

Andrew Carins from Renaissance Retirement Living: “In this video we're chatting with some of our experienced and past professional people who have scrutinized our contracts, the Retirement Village Act, and the financial aspect of a retirement village, to ensure that what they were coming into was something that they understood and was acceptable to them. Let's hear what they have got to say.”


Why did you choose a retirement village?

What residents think about the contract at Renaissance

Andrew Carins, General Manager at Renaissance Retirement Living: “In this video we're chatting with some of our residents who have previously worked in commercial environments where they've been used to contracts.”


What happens if I need extra care in a retirement village?

How you can enjoy an independent lifestyle together with in-home care

Andrew Carins, General Manager at Renaissance Retirement Living: “Extra care and support might not be top-of-mind for you at this point in time; but in the future it may be something of concern. The residents that are chatting in our next video wanted that in the environment that they chose to live in during their retirement.”


Can you ever be forced out of retirement accommodation?

Here’s how the Retirement Villages Act protects residents

Andrew Carins, General Manager at Renaissance Retirement Living: “People often ask us: can they be forced out of their accommodation unit if an operator suffers financial distress or indeed if a village is sold?”


Why did you choose to move to Renaissance Victoria Point?

Here’s what our residents say attracted them to our retirement village

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