9 amazing activities for Redlands retirees

Discover a few of the things you can do around Victoria Point

If you’re thinking about retiring to the Redlands, one thing’s for sure – you will never be short of wonderful ways to fill your days!


How to begin your retirement bucket list

Now’s the time to accomplish those things you never had time for! 

Have you created your retirement ‘bucket list’ yet? Even if you haven’t written it down, you’ll probably have a mental list of places you’d still love to go, skills you’d still like to learn, and things you’d still like to achieve.


Making the move from family home to retirement village

Tips to help you decide when it’s time

Most of us will reach a point in our life where we just “know” it’s time to downsize, move out of the family home, and start enjoying our retirement while we’re still active.


9 top tips for enjoying a happy retirement lifestyle

Here’s how your retirement can be fun... seriously!

It’s true – your retirement really can be the best time of your life. And when you stop to think about it... why wouldn’t it be fun?


What’s really important to you in a retirement village?

Some pointers to help you weigh up your living options

So, you’ve made the decision to move into a retirement village. You’ve done a little research into how retirement villages work, the cost of living in one, perhaps even looked through a few online. It’s understandable if you may also be feeling just a bit overwhelmed with all the information and choices available to you.


How to talk to your parents about moving into a retirement village

Tips to help you, when you know it’s time

If you're worried about how your mum or dad are coping with living in the family home, it can be difficult to know how to talk to them about the situation.


Victoria Point retirement living in a gated community

Why true security needs both a ‘gate’ and a ‘community’

Feeling safe and secure in your own home is so important – and that’s particularly the case as we age. There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for, without having to worry about whether your home, possessions, and even you yourself are safe or not. 


When is it the right time to move to a retirement village?

Tips to help you make the best decision for your needs

How do you know when it’s time for you and your partner to move to a retirement estate?

For many people, the deciding factor is when they experience a health event, whether minor or major. Other people make the choice when the burden of looking after their house and yard becomes too onerous – or perhaps because it limits their ability to go away on holiday for an extended period.


Looking after your home & health in retirement

How over 50s can enjoy a better quality of life

Like many old sayings, there’s a lot of truth in the adage that your greatest asset is your health. If your health deteriorates, it can obviously have a significant impact on many other things that you treat as valuable.


The benefits of pursuing an active retirement lifestyle during winter

Exercise classes for residents at Renaissance are hugely popular, thanks to accredited Exercise Physiologist Matthew Parrish who comes once a week to help residents with fitness and mobility. We asked Matthew to tell us about some benefits of why retirees should keep an active retirement lifestyle during winter.

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