Dancing their way through retirement

Mother and daughter dancing duo are helping residents in so many ways

Christine and her husband Geoff made the move from South Australia to the Redlands when they were in their 50’s.


How to stay socially active in a retirement village

7 tips for a happy, healthy lifestyle for retirees

Retirement communities provide a multitude of ways to stay socially active when you retire.


Improve your mental health and wellbeing in retirement

Tips to help you live a happy and meaningful life

Your retirement years should be the best of your life. You’ve worked hard, possibly raised a family, now it’s time for you! Retirement brings more time for growing your social networks, pursuing interests, and perhaps doing a little travel.


What is a retirement village?

Tips to help you decide whether the lifestyle is right for you

If we were to come up with a ‘dictionary definition’, we’d say that a retirement village is a community of homes and facilities designed for over 60's who are active enough to live independently in their own home. Yet there’s a lot more to a modern retirement village than that!


7 interesting hobbies you could take up in retirement

Why your retirement years are the perfect time to take up a hobby

There is an amazing array of possibilities available for retirees with a little time on their hands. A new hobby can stretch you mentally or physically (or both) and if it’s a hobby to experience with others, then you’ll gain much from the social interaction.


5 advantages of living in a retirement village

Why seniors or retirees make the move to a retirement community

If you’re retired, or almost retired and weighing up your options around what your next move might be, there are many benefits to taking a serious look at retirement villages.


Tips to help you talk with your family about moving to a retirement village

Some points to cover in this important conversation

Moving from your family home to a retirement village is a big step. Once you’ve made this important decision, it’s a good idea to share it with those close to you. After all, your adult children or family may be on board and supportive, or they might not understand why you want to move from the family home into a retirement community.


To move or not to move into a retirement village?

How to answer this important question for retirees or the soon-to-be retired

When – or if – you should move into a retirement community is a big decision. That’s why it’s vital that you take your time and ask some key questions, so that you can make the best choice for your personal situation.


How big is a home in a retirement village?

Choosing the right size home for your retirement lifestyle

When you’re looking forward to your retirement, you’ll no doubt be weighing up what type of accommodation will really suit the future you have planned.


9 tips to help plan your perfect retirement

Ideas to help you enjoy the next stage of your life

Of course, a happy retirement means many things to many different people. Yet there are a few to tips we’ve learned from our years of speaking with Renaissance residents.

From looking after your health, to ensuring you have healthy relationships, to making sure your money lasts as long as you do, there are some clever tips you can make use of when you’re planning your ideal lifestyle once you’ve quit full time work.

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