“Retirement villages are just for old people” and 7 other myths

Sorting fact from fiction about retirement village living

Just as with the rest of your life, in retirement the attitude you bring can make a huge difference. A positive outlook can change the way you think and feel about almost anything!


7 ways your life can improve in a retirement community

Look forward to the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of

Retirement should be the best years of your life. You’ve dedicated 30, 40 or even more years to working or building a business, raising your family, and gaining financial security. Now your children have their own families and your work is winding down, it’s time to start thinking about YOU!


How to know if your home is right for your retirement

5 comparisons to think about when you’re weighing up a retirement village

Your home may have been perfect for you up until now – but will it be right for you in the future?


Why do people move into a retirement village?

5 reasons to take a closer look at independent retirement communities

Your retirement really should be the best time of your life; and moving into a retirement village one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. In fact, most people who have made the move to Renaissance tell us they have only one regret: they should have made the move sooner!


12 questions to ask when you’re touring a retirement village

Get the answers you need to choose a lifestyle you’ll love

When it’s time to start thinking about your move out of the family home and into retirement living, you’ll find the choices are practically endless. It’s a good idea to start by narrowing down your options to one village or several based on their location, affordability, facilities, recommendations, or a combination of these factors and more. 


7 ways to stay socially active in retirement

How building (and keeping) friendships improves your health and wellbeing

So you’ve reached an age where you’ve had people come and go from your life. Your children have grown and flown the nest. You’ve lost loved ones or perhaps you’ve been separated by circumstances or geography. Friends may have left the area, become grey nomads, or moved into retirement living.


How can I entertain friends in a retirement village?

Great tips for keeping an active social life once you’ve retired

As we’ve spoken about before, it’s so important to stay connected after you transition into retirement. So it’s good to know that moving to a retirement village doesn’t have to mean an end to those big family gatherings, or having a group of friends over for a dinner party.


How to find a ‘pet friendly’ retirement village

Questions to ask when choosing a home for you and your furry friend

Your pet is part of the family – your constant companion and an important part of your life. They bring you happiness and health and you couldn’t imagine being without them.


Is the lock and leave retirement lifestyle right for you?

What it’s like to just close the door and take off on holidays

The lock and leave lifestyle has gained in popularity with retirees over the past few years. And it’s easy to see why! More retirees are living longer, are more active, and have the funds to head off and visit family, join group tours, or do the big around Australia trip in the motorhome.


How will I know if I’m ready to move to a retirement village?

Five questions to ask, to help you decide

Today’s retirement villages are more like luxury resorts than the ‘old folk’s homes’ of the past. They boast modern, spacious homes and villas, large entertainment areas, libraries and workshops, and a full range of activities to keep any retiree fit and active.

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