Why did you choose to move to Renaissance Victoria Point?

Here’s what our residents say attracted them to our retirement village

  • When you've come through that gate there you get a feel for the place.
  • It's carefree. The gardens are done, the lawns are done. You can come and go as you please. We just love every moment of it.
  • You really want to be amongst people in a place where you won't feel alone.
  • I am on my own and so it was a great place to come. I feel secure; there’s a great social life. And I haven't looked back since I've been here, I've been here nearly nine years now.
  • The quality of the place, the atmosphere of the place, the quality of the furniture and fittings, and also the proximity to the shopping centre. Very very important things.
  • The atmosphere, the quality of the building and the quality of everything here far exceeded anything we had seen.
  • I loved the villas. I love the thought that if I was on my own there would be plenty of people willing to help me.
  • The maintenance being done for you. My garbage disposal gave up the ghost the other day – I put in a form in the morning and it was fixed in the afternoon. At no cost!
  • The bayside location with the beautiful breezes was a significant element.
  • The shopping centre being next door, the cinemas are a five minute walk away. Even the doctors – everything’s at your doorstep. If you lose your driver’s licence because of age, there's a bus terminal just outside the front gate.
  • I like going to do a new bit of retail therapy at the clothing shops and yes, we're spoilt for choice. We really are.
  • I have a trolley. I don't always take the car. I can walk there and I enjoy it so much. There’s lovely coffee shop, fresh shops, any shops you like. Physios, doctors, movies over the road, craft shops – it's exactly what I like.
  • I go to the movies regularly because it's so close and you can walk. And for a woman on her own I couldn't recommend it highly enough. The social aspect of it, the activities that I can join. It's just fantastic. 

See the Renaissance retirement lifestyle for yourself

At Renaissance Victoria Point we’re always happy to welcome you to our village for a personal tour. The best way to find out the reality of retirement village life is to come and see it for yourself!

Experience Renaissance for yourself

We’d love to show you around and introduce you to some of our residents. They’ll share wonderful stories of their life in our community and why they’re glad they made the move.

Call Renaissance today on (07) 3820 7700 or get in touch online to find out more about our outstanding Victoria Point retirement living.

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Posted by Renaissance Retirement Living on 20-Feb-2020 14:40:57
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