How has your life changed since moving into a retirement village?

Here’s how our residents say their lifestyle has improved

Andrew Carins, General Manager at Renaissance Retirement Living: “We chatted to a group of our residents about how their lives have changed since they've moved into our Renaissance retirement village.”

“I was particularly interested to hear about some of the things they’ve done that have brought a new sense of fulfilment into their lives.”


Do you have to adjust your lifestyle when you move into the village?

“Well it’s different for me because I was still working and I've only just recently retired and I should have done it years ago! I've never had been so busy in all my life. Exposed to the sun every day with bowls and table tennis and walking. It’s been a great, great change for me.”

“We've all been involved with committees and helping to run the village. Committees are a vital part in the village and it's very rewarding. I really enjoy being part of the committees.”

“My biggest problem has been finding time to do things like housework and all the mundane things that I used to have plenty of time to do. Now it's all coffee and chat!”

The ideal place to live for single retirees

“I've been here nearly nine years now Andrew, and for a lady on her own, it couldn't be better. The social aspect of it is just wonderful. The activities I can join in. I've taken mah-jong since I've moved in here. I love it!”

“The maintenance of my unit is wonderful. The other day my garbage disposal gave up. I put a form in in the morning, it was fixed that afternoon at no cost.”

So many retirement lifestyle activities to choose from

“Here there are 50 different activities. It's impossible to take part in everything, so there are activities that fit in with everybody if they want to enjoy them.”

“Yes I found coming in here and having danced all my life that there were two classes available which is lovely because they are there for me when I need them. I do a lot outside the village, but I know all these things will be available when I'm old enough to want to do them.”

“My husband plays snooker and we both play croquet and he plays table tennis so he does three sports. I still play squash outside here. And I just love my cats, I'm just not in the house enough, I have to do more housework. And our other home was three levels plus an attic. So to come here it is just wonderful.”

“We could not have made a better decision. My husband and I are so happy here. There’s just everything here that you require. We just love every minute of it. It's carefree!”

See the Renaissance retirement lifestyle for yourself

At Renaissance Victoria Point we’re always happy to welcome you to our village for a personal tour. The best way to find out the reality of retirement village life is to come and see it for yourself!

Experience Renaissance for yourself

We’d love to show you around and introduce you to some of our residents. They’ll share wonderful stories of their life in our community and why they’re glad they made the move.

Call Renaissance today on (07) 3820 7700 or get in touch online to find out more about our outstanding Victoria Point retirement living.

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Posted by Renaissance Retirement Living on 20-Feb-2020 14:36:13
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