Can you ever be forced out of retirement accommodation?

Here’s how the Retirement Villages Act protects residents

Andrew Carins, General Manager at Renaissance Retirement Living: “People often ask us: can they be forced out of their accommodation unit if an operator suffers financial distress or indeed if a village is sold?”

“It is an issue that a lot of residents don't understand. The Act very much protects people, where the money is and where the money is held so that in the event of the operator going into bankruptcy or some serious financial problems, their money is secure and it will be passed on in the future.”

“It is the security of tenure that residents look for. Again the Retirement Villages Act protects the residents. And finally we do have a contract. And any new owner has to honour that contract and the protection that we are given under the Act, the security is there.”

“It is a fact that a lot of people just don't have the understanding and it's very important that they take a little bit of heart and do a little bit of understanding, reading themselves, find out there because they are protected by a very strong act within government.”

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Posted by Renaissance Retirement Living on 20-Feb-2020 16:57:38
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