Why did you choose a retirement village?

What residents think about the contract at Renaissance

Andrew Carins, General Manager at Renaissance Retirement Living: “In this video we're chatting with some of our residents who have previously worked in commercial environments where they've been used to contracts.”

“For them, it was a big issue to be able to understand the financial aspects of living in a village. Why did they choose a Registered Retirement Village? Well let's see what they've got to say.”


Renaissance residents discuss the financial aspects of a retirement village

“We really need to look forward to what our retirement needs will be. And I guess the retirement villages have an advantage over the retirement resorts in the amount of protection afforded to residents under the Retirement Villages Act. So that tended to make us want to go to a retirement village.”

“We looked at a few things but going into a unit we were going to have to make another shift. We're going to a retirement village. I felt this would be our last shift. This will be our life!”

“There are not a lot of options to really have to aim for. If we look at units or that type of thing, perhaps over 50s villages, what you have is a body corporate style of living. There can be a lot of wrangling amongst the residents and really I felt that that was unnecessary and unsatisfactory.”

Were you comfortable moving into a unit?

“Yes I was really. We were living in a unit similar size in Singapore for well over 12 months and we were very happy and comfortable there. So I knew that we could move in a unit here too!”

“It was mainly security that if anything happened to me Prue would be looked after. We were keen on a bit of stability. And that was the main driving force with me.”

Do you feel you made the right decision in moving into a retirement village?

“Oh without doubt it’s the best move we ever made. Never regretted it for a minute!”

“I felt the decision my husband and I made was wonderful. Because he was preparing me for the fact that he wouldn't be around much longer. So I'm here on my own and I feel very safe and secure that I'm one of the main reasons here is. Very true.”

“And then if you are on your own there are plenty of people willing to help you’ve just thot to be happy to ask for the help.”

Find out why so many people love moving to Renaissance

At Renaissance Victoria Point we’re always happy to welcome you to our village for a personal tour. The best way to find out the reality of retirement village life is to come and see it for yourself!

Experience Renaissance for yourself

We’d love to show you around and introduce you to some of our residents. They’ll share wonderful stories of their life in our community and why they’re glad they made the move.

Call Renaissance today on (07) 3820 7700 or get in touch online to find out more about our outstanding Victoria Point retirement living.


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Posted by Renaissance Retirement Living on 27-Feb-2020 15:10:39
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