Sell now or wait? That is the question

Tips from Renaissance to help your decision making

At Renaissance we're always keen to do whatever we can to reduce the stress you may feel when you're thinking about moving home.

While everyone’s situation is different, there are few common concerns our potential residents raise with us:

  • How to downsize your home, and what to do with years of accumulated possessions
  • How to have confidence in securing a particular chosen unit
  • Having somewhere to live if your house sells before your chosen villa is ready

If these concerns are familiar to you, rest assured you are not alone! This process has all been done before. Our Lifestyle Consultants are here to help you – and they know skilled professionals who can assist you.

Some useful tips that may ease your concerns

Start by obtaining a preliminary assessment on your home from three local real estate agents, along with their proposed marketing strategy. This will help you to think about the full financial implications, including how much you may get for you home, what surplus funds you’ll have to assist with your future retirement lifestyle, and the expenses associated with the sale and moving process. You’ll then have a good idea of what you have to spend on your retirement accommodation.

At Renaissance we encourage you to have your home either sold or on the market before you enter into a formal application process. In some cases your preferred villa may be under construction, which can understandably lead to hesitation in selling your home.

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However that may be preferable to the disappointment of not being able to sell your house prior to the completion of your new villa, which can result in not being able to move into your selected unit.

While no-one can predict with accuracy what the property market will do at any given time, at Renaissance we do have an option for future residents to assist them in securing their chosen villa and take advantage of the current demand for residential property.

Talk to Renaissance about moving to our retirement community

For more details about how we can help you in the process of selling and moving, get in touch online or contact our Lifestyle Consultants on 07 3820 7700. 

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Posted by Renaissance Retirement Living on 10-Oct-2017 11:14:47
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