How to do your Redlands retirement living research right

Your guide to choosing the right retirement living option in the Redlands

Some decisions can be made in a split second. Others take more thought. Occasionally the decision and its impact are so significant that it requires much thought and discussion, research, professional advice, list writing and more before you can confidently make it.

Choosing your ideal Redlands retirement living is one of those monumental decisions - which is why, all too often, it's easier to put it off until another day.

The weight of that decision is not lost on us at Renaissance Retirement Living. We see people at all stages of the decision making process and we understand the enormity of it all. 

With that in mind, we've put together four tips on how to do your retirement living research right.

1) Communicate, communicate, communicate

Talk to your loved ones, family and friends about your thoughts on retirement living options. Saying things out loud not only helps our brains process information, but it also allows other people to help us work through the process.

If you’ve decided on an accommodation option, particularly one that involves complex contractual agreements, it’s vital that your family or anyone who may have the capacity to make decisions on your behalf are also educated about the binding factors involved.

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2) Pound the pavement!

Once you’ve researched your options online, write a list of the retirement facilities in the area where you might consider living, and start visiting them.

Retirement villages are more than mere bricks and mortar - they are active communities. You can only get a true sense of what it’s like to live there by visiting in person. And you will need to do this multiple times for the ones you’ve shortlisted.

When you visit, it's a great idea to talk to the residents and staff and look for interactions between people – are they happy, genuine and caring?

3) Seek professional advice

No matter which retirement accommodation option you’re considering, make sure you seek professional financial and legal advice from firms that are experienced in aged care.

It's so important that you understand the legal and financial aspects that apply to your chosen accommodation option – and it’s also important to note that no two communities are identical.

4) Challenge traditional thinking

Don’t automatically assume that when the family home becomes too much to handle that the next option is to downsize into a smaller dwelling like an apartment. And after that, when you’re “old enough”, you move into a retirement village and then one more stop at a nursing home before you take your final celestial journey.

That’s three stressful moves which aren’t necessarily required. Look for accommodation options that will suit your needs both now and in the future. There are many villages and co-located communities that can do this by providing a range of in-home care and support options if and when you need it.

Download your free 'My Village Comparison' sheet

To further assist you in your research process and to help with your decision making, we have developed a handy tool to help you record the important aspects of a retirement village.

This tool is completely unbiased and does not have pre-populated information about our Renaissance Victoria Point village. It's simply designed to help you when you're considering moving into a retirement village.

To receive your free ‘My Village Comparison’ tool click here or call our team on 07 3820 7700.

Posted by Renaissance Retirement Living on 10-Oct-2017 11:17:56
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