What is the best age to move into a retirement village?

Factors that might influence your decision to move to a retirement community

If you’ve been thinking about the next stage of your retirement, there are a few questions that can help you decide if you’re ready to make the move into a retirement village.

Perhaps your home has become too difficult to maintain, your friends and family have moved from the area, the neighbourhood doesn’t feel safe anymore, or you just feel it’s time for a change.

Here are some questions that might help you decide the right time to start the next chapter of your retirement.

What age are most people in retirement villages?

Retirement villages are a great option for seniors of all ages wanting to live independent, maintenance free, active lifestyles. Most retirement communities in Australia welcome people once they turn 55. That may seem quite young, but for some people, securing a spot in a resort-like community while they continue to work through to retirement is ideal.


The low-maintenance lifestyle gives the younger, not-yet-retirees more time to work or play and facilities such as gyms, tennis courts and pools make retirement communities a very attractive option.

Some people wait a little longer, such as into their 70’s or 80’s before downsizing their family home and taking the next step. This may be due to the misconception that retirement villages are a last resort once you don’t feel confident living in your own home anymore. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as many will tell you once they’ve experienced living in a retirement community, they wish they had done it sooner.

How is your health now you’ve retired?

If you and your spouse are healthy and active, then moving into a retirement village will support your continued wellbeing on many levels. The sporting and leisure facilities of a well-run village will enable you to maintain and perhaps even improve your physical health and longevity.

As well, you’ll find daily activities to keep your mind active such as a range of interesting groups to participate in. All the while you’ll be expanding your social circles to benefit your emotional wellbeing. Retirement communities are designed for people who are active, social, and healthy and offer endless opportunities to develop in each of these areas.Is a retirement village right for you? See the 4 things to look for before you decide >

If you or your spouse have a health condition that affects your ability to take care of yourselves, then independent living in a retirement community may not be the best option for you. It’s still worth chatting with the management team, since retirement villages strongly support in-home care so that people can continue enjoying their retirement lifestyle as long as possible.

Is maintaining your home too much of a chore?

You may be able to keep on top of all your household jobs, but do you really want to? Would you prefer to have someone to maintain your yard and garden for you, so you have more time to take up a new hobby, spend with family, socialise, play sports, or travel?

Retirement village living can reduce your stress by removing much of the mundane workload. You’ll also get to enjoy the beautiful common area facilities – gardens, tennis courts, pools, BBQ’s – without having to lift a finger.

Would you like more of a social life?

Sadly, as people age, their social circles often become smaller. Friends move away or become ill, and family members are busy raising their own families. Moving to a friendly community with people of a similar age and at a similar stage in their life can make a huge difference to your retirement experience.


The beauty is you also get to choose how social you want to be. You might prefer to have a small group of friends who meet regularly in each other’s homes or join in the many activities on offer and meet a broad range of people. Retirement communities do wonders for your social life and you make lasting friends who all live just a short walk away.

Would you like to leave the car in the garage more often?

If you’re not a big fan of driving, a retirement village could provide a handy solution. As they’re often located close to shopping centres, medical services, entertainment, and recreation facilities, it's not unusual for residents’ cars to sit in the garage and only be driven occasionally. Public transport may be close by, or villages often have a shuttle service for shopping, appointments, or social outings.

Do you want to live safely, yet independently?

A retirement village offers a secure, safe environment for you to live an active, independent lifestyle. There’s peace of mind knowing you are as safe in your home as you are outside. Added security features in retirement communities mean you can venture out for a stroll at night and not have to worry about your safety.

There’s also a sense of freedom that comes with being able to continue living in your own home, knowing help is literally, just around the corner. Most communities have on-site managers should a problem arise at any time, and neighbours always keep an eye out for one another.

You can also head off on holidays without having to worry about who’s going to look after your home, collect the papers, or mow the lawn while you’re away. Everything will be taken care of so you can take off and enjoy yourself.

What happens when I need more care?

It’s important to think ahead to what your care needs may be in the years to come. Many retirement villages either offer or can connect you with professional in-home care services. Some retirement villages also have regular visits by health care providers so you can make appointments and not have to travel too far. Knowing there’s support available when you need it enables you to retain your independent lifestyle for as long as possible.

Discover your "road map" to retirement living

Enjoy your retirement when you want, the way you want!

There is no perfect age to move into a retirement village. Moving at an earlier age gives you more time to enjoy the luxuries that come with resort-style living. Moving later gives you more time in your family home, but means you’ll have less time to experience the freedom that comes with living in a retirement community.

Renaissance Retirement Living at Victoria Point is built for active retirees who want to join in fun activities with like-minded friends, learn new skills, take off on adventures and enjoy every moment of their retirement.

We invite you to come for a visit, have a chat over a cuppa with some of our wonderful residents, ask our team lots of questions and take a tour of our beautiful community. You’ll know whether it feels like a good fit for you – now or in the future.

Call us today on (07) 3820 7700 or reach out online and we’ll book you into our next monthly information session where you can enjoy a presentation on Retirement Living options followed by a lunch where you can talk to Renaissance residents. We’d love to meet you!

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