Looking after your home & health in retirement

How over 50s can enjoy a better quality of life

Like many old sayings, there’s a lot of truth in the adage that your greatest asset is your health. If your health deteriorates, it can obviously have a significant impact on many other things that you treat as valuable.

Your capacity to earn an income, ability to maintain your house, and even your mobility in getting to shops and other services can be seriously affected.

It’s inconvenient (to say the least!) when for example, your aching joints remind you that mowing the lawn, doing the vacuuming, or repairing something around the house has suddenly become hard work. Sometimes even an interest you’ve enjoyed for so long, like gardening, can become a difficult chore. 

All of this points to one of the big reasons why many of our Renaissance residents have chosen to make their home here with us.

How living in a retirement village can improve your quality of life

Independence shouldn’t mean having to carry responsibilities you’ve borne throughout your life. Instead, independence should mean that you are able to choose for yourself how you’d like to live.

That choice is made easier when you’re free from the bindings and constraints that come from looking after the family home. You’ll find that once those constraints are removed, you’ll feel free to make the best decisions for your future.

Thinking of downsizing your home?

That’s why retirement villages have such a reputation for improving quality of life for their residents. Put simply, they do away with a lot of the stresses and difficulties that arise from trying to balance your home maintenance responsibilities with your health.

That doesn’t mean you do nothing at a retirement village! On the contrary, it means you have the freedom to do the things you’d prefer to do – instead of the things you feel you “have to” do. This also brings added wellbeing to your lifestyle.

Enjoy the facilities at Renaissance Retirement Living

Many of our residents at Renaissance can identify with these issues. In fact, they have been motivated to move to our retirement village because of them!

Speaking to our residents, we find they appreciate the benefits of living in an environment where they have a wide range of activities and events to choose from. They have the convenience of a major shopping centre next door, and they definitely enjoy the use of the restaurants and cinemas just across the road!

What’s more, they can access a wide range of facilities at our village any time, including:

  • The heated swimming pool
  • The workshop
  • Our bowling green
  • The croquet court
  • And so much more.


Our Village Care Facilitator is also available to help with any in-home support or care services required.

Best of all, our residents have no need to worry about any maintenance, because that is all taken care of by the friendly Renaissance team.

You can see why we say that Renaissance really does provide everything you’ll ever want!

 Experience Renaissance for yourself

Find out how the Renaissance lifestyle can benefit you

A great way to experience the Renaissance lifestyle for yourself is to come along and attend one of our Information Days.

It’s a relaxed setting where the focus is simply on giving you the information you need to make the right decision for your needs – whether that’s with us or with another retirement village. 

Call Renaissance today on (07) 3820 7700 to find out more about the lifestyle benefits of our outstanding retirement living.

Posted by Renaissance Retirement Living on 05-Dec-2017 15:06:57
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