It's a dog's life living in a Victoria Point retirement community

The benefits of owning a dog in retirement

The growing belief that pets are not just good, but good for you, may make pet ownership more appealing to retirees. When selecting a retirement village, a key factor for many pet owners is if the village is pet friendly or not.

Renaissance resident Marion Holmes and owner of Fifi and Pepe agrees with this fact. It was a key decision when she was looking for a Victoria Point retirement village a few years ago.

“When deciding on a retirement village to move into it was extremely important to me that my two dogs and cat would be welcome too” said Marion. I am pleased to say that I made the right choice. It is very animal friendly here with large grassy areas for them to exercise, walkways and access to local parks. Vets are also within walking distance if needed,” said Marion.

“Many residents here have dogs so a walk can be a social activity for your pet as well as yourself. Choose Renaissance – your pet will love it here – mine certainly do!”

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The benefits of owning a dog in retirement

  • Taking a dog for a walk is excellent exercise, and a way to reduce stress
  • They make great companions. A dog makes a house seem less lonely and helps you get out and about
  • Having a dog has health benefits including lower blood pressure, better cholesterol, and less chance for obesity, since dogs require walking on a regular basis



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Posted by Renaissance on 10-Oct-2017 11:22:57
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