Aged care buzzwords… help, I need a translator!

It seems like the world of aged care and retirement living is currently overflowing with buzzwords or confusing jargon such as ‘Continuum of Care’, ‘Aging in Place’, ‘Integrated Housing’, ‘Multigenerational Living’, ‘Active Aging’, ‘Memory Care’.  The list goes on …. and on and is needlessly confusing.

When researching suitable retirement living from a large range of options, the last thing the average retiree needs is to be negotiating all the extra terminology that comes with it.

Over 50’s Lifestyle Community’, ‘Active Seniors Community’, ‘Gated Lifestyle Estate’, ‘Registered Retirement Village’, ‘Retirement Community’, ‘Seniors Living’.  Does it all seem a bit too much and a bit too hard?  But wait…. there’s more….. Leasehold, licence, freehold… exit fees, deferred management fees, ongoing fees, entry fees. ‘Downsize your home, upsize your lifestyle’ –  whew!….And would you like fries with that?

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You can see how it might be easier for many to put the investigation process ‘in the too hard basket’ or find a loved one, preferably one in the industry or legal profession, that can help translate what it all means.

The Good News…

Don’t be put off…. there are more accommodation and lifestyle options available to seniors today than ever before so there is something right for everyone!  Take the time to research the different choices and find the one that’s best for you.

A good place to start is to really consider what the future may hold for your mental, physical and social wellbeing as you age…. gracefully of course!  What are your care and support needs now? (it is rare for any of us to be completely independent of others no matter what our age) What might they be in the years to come?  Our health and lifestyle experiences to date as well as those of others around us can often provide pointers to be aware of.  Experience tells us It is better to look at your options before you need them that when you are in ‘crisis’ mode.  In other words, prevention is always better than cure.  Be proactive!

Tips for better decision making...

Try not to get caught up in the buzzwords of the day, like those listed above.  Not all retirement facilities are the same, even ones that might be structured similarly. There are many different arrangements in place for residents regarding care and support.

Ask detailed questions of staff to find out exactly what care and support options are available to you now and in the future, and how they are managed.

Speaking for ourselves…

At Renaissance, staff and care facilitators assist residents in planning, accessing and securing care and support services. Residents are always in control when it comes to their health and wellness needs. Whether an occasional ‘helping hand’ or complex care is required, residents are able to choose who provides their services and how they are provided.

There is a multitude of care providers to choose from, all with different options, services and costs (some Government funding may apply to eligible residents). The decision-making process can be daunting and is typically coupled with a health event which can make the situation even more stressful.  Our staff actively engage with the care providers and are always on hand to help residents navigate through the process.  This care and support provides peace of mind for residents and their families.

You should accept nothing less in considering your future care needs in retirement! And there is nothing that needs translating about that! 

Posted by Renaissance on 10-Oct-2017 11:22:09
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