21 boredom busters for your retirement

Try these entertaining ideas for your retirement lifestyle

Welcome to your retirement! If you’ve recently retired, you might be wondering how you’ll spend all your extra free time. What a wonderful “problem” to have!

No doubt some people will tell you that they’ve never been so busy since they retired. For others, it’s about having a big long “holiday” first up before you move on to whatever’s next.

So whether you’re looking forward to getting active, starting a new hobby, travelling more, or catching up with friends and family, your retirement really should be the best years of your life – and making plans for what appeals to you is half the fun!

We’ve put together these 21 brilliant boredom busters to get you thinking and help with planning your perfect retirement lifestyle. Some are easy and relaxing, others a little more challenging, and some are downright thrilling!

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Boredom busters in your own home

1) Make a new friend – or rescue one

Most modern retirement villages allow pets. Why not think about welcoming a little companion to share your life? It’s fun to do your research and find the right temperament to fit your lifestyle.

2) Plant a veggie patch or herb garden

Not only is fresh food so much better for you, you’ll also save money when you grow your own fruit and veggies. If you’re worried about not having enough space, you can always try planting herbs in pots.


3) Downsize your collected possessions

Retirement is a great time to clear out the clutter you’ve accumulated over the years, so that your family won’t have to eventually. And it’s not just for them – you’ll find you have more room, feel much lighter, and have less stuff to clean.

4) Work on your computer skills

When you’re able to confidently navigate the internet, you’ll find a whole new world opening up for your retirement. Learn how to search on Google, send an email, stay connected through Facebook, or even book a holiday online. You can always ask a friend or family member to help you, or check your local library or retirement village for classes.

Boredom busters in your community

5) Mentor, tutor, or teach young people

You may not be aware just how much you’ve learned over the years. It’s all useful knowledge that you can pass on to the younger generation.

Used your school-based skills to help students, or perhaps offer to mentor young executives in your line of business. You could also pass on home-based skills such as how to change the oil in a car, cook a basic meal, sew a button on a shirt, or keep a pot plant alive!

6) Volunteer your time where it will be valued

Volunteering is a brilliant way to meet new people and really do some good in your community. Choose a charity, service club or group whose work you believe in and ask them how you can help. You can always check the Volunteering Australia website to get more ideas.


7) Take the time to stay fit and healthy

In retirement you’ll find plenty of enjoyable and social ways to get into shape. Retirement villages offer a range of facilities and activities, from pools and gyms to walking tracks and croquet courts. You’ll probably find sporting clubs and fitness groups in the local area – even walking with friends will help keep you fit and healthy.

8) Start a hobby or practise a new skill

Whether you’re into brewing or belly dancing, painting or pottery, singing or stamp collecting, you’ll find a wide range of interests that you can pursue in your local community.

Boredom busters to share with your family

9) Plan a family reunion

If it’s been a while since you’ve caught up with your wider family, don’t sit around waiting for someone else to organise a get-together – do it yourself! Your retirement years are an excellent opportunity to connect (or re-connect) with long-lost loved ones.


10) Offer to look after your grandkids

Here’s a guaranteed way to see your grandchildren regularly! Why not take some time out from travelling and socialising to focus just on them? It’s an opportunity that might not be around forever – before you know it, the grandkids have grown up and will be too busy to spend time with grandma and grandad.

11) Stay in the great outdoors

If you haven’t headed off for a camping trip for a while (or ever!), why not invite yourself on the next family camping weekend – or plan one yourself? It’s not just the social aspect – being out and about in nature will help your mental and general health too.

12) Uncover your ancestry or write your family memoir

You’ll be amazed what you can uncover when you dive into your family’s past! Ask some family members to get involved and make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

Boredom busters from further afield

13) Plan holidays to your top five destinations

With a bit more time on your hands in retirement, it’s a great time to get started on all your bucket list destinations! You could start planning your own trip, or form a holiday club with friends. You can save more money and have loads of fun when you travel in a group.


14) Unlock your inner explorer!

If you’ve moved to a new area now you’ve retired, why not organise a day trip or take an overnight trip? You could be astounded at just how much there is to see and do right on your doorstep.

15) Offer to housesit for a friend

Looking after a close acquaintance’s house, garden or pets while they’re on holidays is a great way for you to have a change of scenery and explore new areas. Oh – and it won’t cost you a cent!

16) Take a retreat

What’s your poison? Whether you like to spend time doing yoga, cooking, playing music, fishing, looking after your health, or gardening, you’ll find a retreat to suit you. What’s more, they’re always held in incredible settings. Whichever activity grabs you, get set for a little ‘you time’ away from the housework... or even your spouse!

Boredom busters that will make your heart beat faster!

17) Learn a new skill that will really extend you

Now’s the time to learn a second language... or salsa dancing... or that musical instrument that’s always appealed to you! Choose a teacher you like who’s patient with you – and don’t be too hard on yourself if it takes a while to get the hang of it. Learning is always good for your brain and your soul... and who knows, you might just have a hidden genius for it!


18) Hang out with “the young ones”

Why not ask your “20 something” grandkids if you can hang out with them one Saturday night? It will definitely be something different for them, and perhaps an eye opener for you – even if you only do it once!

19) Take up some formal studies

Many retirees are returning to university to study, either to continue on from where they left off decades ago, or perhaps to set off on a completely new path. You’re never too old to get a degree!

20) Do something truly adventurous

Want to really know you’re alive? Book in for a hot air balloon trip, swim with the sharks, or take a tandem skydive. Whatever adventure gets your heart pumping... just as long as your doctor approves!

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