The meaning behind moongalba

In 2008, it was decided to name the Renaissance Auditorium the Moongalba Room

The term "Moongalba" has been used probably for centuries by the Quandamooka people of Stradbroke Island. It means "Sitting Down Place" or "Meeting Place". The name Quandamooka itself means "Islands of Moreton Bay". 

From 1892 to 1942 the Moreton Bay Mission for Aborigines was established on Stradbroke Island, after being re-located from Bribie Island. 

The Mission had been named "Myora" by the Queensland Government, but the local people had always known this site as Moongalba, their Sitting-Down place. This name was more meaningful to them, as the term "Mission" had associations that were negative to their culture and tradition. 

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In November 2008 some of our residents were introduced by Brian Deane to Rose Borey, an elder of the Stradbroke Island Quandamooka people. Rose was very active in the preservation of the history of the Island. The suggestion by Renaissance of adopting the name Moongalba was enthusiastically approved by Rose. We, as residents of this Village, are showing respect for the traditions of the Island people by gaining their approval before we use this significant name. 

Hopefully our residents approve the use of a name that is so relevant to this region in which we live. The wooden plaque above the entrance door to the room was carved by fellow resident Geoff Scorey. 

This article is reproduced, with permission, from the 'Victoria Village Voice' a quarterly newsletter produced by residents of Renaissance Victoria Point and issued on behalf of the Residents' Association.  

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