'Hidden talents II' art & craft showcase

Another inspiring display of resident talent was revealed at our second Art & Craft Showcase held on 2nd & 3rd May.  This year, the leisure centre lounge and Moongalba room were used to display an impressive array of creative works to best advantage. 

Over 60 residents contributed to the successful event which included over 250 pieces including paintings, embroideries, woodwork, beading, floral art, quilts and other handiwork.

Welcome to your retirement lifestyle

Visitors were once again enthralled with the variety and quality and were also able to purchase from the well-stocked resident craft and card stalls before visiting our pop up cafĂ© and relaxing on the terrace. 

Additionally, resident Hugh Cornish played background piano music and all in all the event was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience for all who had the pleasure of attending. 

Posted by Renaissance on 10-Oct-2017 12:12:10
Welcome to your retirement lifestyle

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