Why living in a retirement village is so much fun

The surprising truth about your health in retirement 

I can hear it now: “fun” and “retirement village” don’t work in a sentence together. Why? Because retirement villages are full of old people, right? Not necessarily!

I believe “old” is a state of mind as much as it is a state of being. Throughout my years of working in this industry it never ceases to amaze me when one of our residents tells me they’re almost 90 or even in their 90’s - and here I was thinking they were 75!

Invariably the ones who manage to fool me with their youthful looks and attitude are physically and mentally active, and take care of their emotional wellbeing. I personally know many seniors who compete in various sports, are world-renowned for their craft skills, and actively contribute to the community in more ways than your average so-called "middle-aged" citizen.

How retirement villages help promote residents' health

Retirement villages have morphed over the last decade or so into modern resort-style communities with all the creature comforts. Many of them sport an impressive list of activities and services available to their residents, such as lawn bowls, croquet, tennis, aquarobics, dancing, craft, billiards, cards, Tai Chi, mahjong, walking groups, lunching groups, cycling groups, bird watching enthusiasts, painting, cooking, movie nights, bus trips - and the list goes on!

Activities in retirement villages are typically run by the residents themselves, which is why they're often a reflection of the village community and its interests. It’s not uncommon for larger villages to have over 55 activities on offer each week. Participate in as many or as few as you’d like, but if you’re looking for something to do or to have a little fun there will be something you can try your hand at.

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Many residents comment that they have become so busy that they don’t know how they ever worked full time and their families need to schedule visits in advance! Many family members ask what the entry age of retirement villages are and often want to move in to enjoy the fun.

Of course this all depends on what you want out of your retirement years and if you ask me, that’s where retirement villages show their true colours.

Whether you want an active and worry-free lifestyle where you can join in on activities and travel for long periods without having to think about your house; or you want a supported environment with access to care services and a community spirit that provides a sense of inclusion – retirement villages can give you both and adapt to the changes you may face.

Find out how the Renaissance lifestyle can benefit you

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