10 October 2017

Relaxing, de-stressing, treating and stretching at Renaissance since 2009, our massage therapist, Kylie, is popular amongst residents. Kylie believes the key to longevity is to maintain your range of motion and to help with this she specialises in areas such as remedial massage, lymphatic draining, Chinese cupping, dry needling, moxibustion and yoga.

Remedial massage is a popular form of massage therapy as it addresses the aches, pains and injuries that befall many of us at some stage in our lives.  It is a varied therapy, combining techniques such as massage, trigger points, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage and joint mobilisation.

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You’re in safe hands with Kylie as she talks through your problem areas, looks and listens for clues to devise an effective treatment plan to relieve dysfunction and pain. The techniques may be gentle or firm, deep or shallow, depending on your preference and the underlying issues.

So when you are next at the village, noticing our relaxed and happy residents, you know one of their secrets! 

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