10 October 2017

What have we really built at Renaissance Victoria Point?

Many hours of hard work go into planning a retirement village, especially one that caters for nearly 500 people and extends over 50 acres. Initial planning is important because this is the foundation upon which all else is developed. The process of obtaining the necessary approvals for the project to commence, while maintaining sufficient flexibility to adapt to changes in the market place over an extended period is a huge challenge. This planning forms the footprint to build attractive villas, community centre facilities and gardens for residents to enjoy in their retirement years.

However, the real challenge comes after the building model is finalised. This is the challenge of developing the village community.  A harmonious and vibrant community only comes when everyone in the community appreciates the value of each individual resident and the contribution those individuals collectively bring to the village community.

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Have we built a Retirement Village or a Retirement Community?

Sixteen years on from the commencement of planning the village at Victoria Point, it is appropriate to ask the question, have we achieved what we set out to do?  

The value at Renaissance Victoria Point is measured in part through the availability of a wide range of activities, support and care services, the convenience of all the retail and professional services next door, the beautiful landscaping, the superb facilities, and the high quality, spacious and practical villas. However, all of this would be of little value if residents did not feel a sense of pride and belonging within their village community.

When you talk with residents at Renaissance, they will inevitably mention the sense of pride and belonging they experience living there. It’s fair to assume then, that together, we have built a retirement community. This is what we set out to do and, at the conclusion of my involvement with Renaissance Retirement Living, I am well satisfied. Many people have worked together on this journey of planning and building the retirement community that is Renaissance Victoria Point. Thank you.

I invite you to experience it for yourself, by making a move to investigate the retirement lifestyle options available at Renaissance Victoria Point Retirement Village.

Andrew Carins

General Manager

Category: From the gm's desk

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