10 October 2017

**Update** Fred has now raised $1,000 for charity. Well done Fred!!

I live in the front garden of one of the villas at Renaissance Victoria Point. I exist on rain or tap water, plus many small coins my friendly neighbours (and people passing by with dogs, or just going for a walk) drop into my bowl. When I have $5, my "boss" collects it and takes it to Lisa in the salon, our Mission representative for Uganda. We put the donations in storage, till we reach $50, then Lisa sends this off to Africa.

We are delighted that in the 18 months Fred has been collecting we have been able to distribute $800 in funds to help people.

New Call-to-action

This has supplied:

- Ten water filters to supply clean drinking water to households in 3rd world countries.
- $360 to help eradicate a parasite causing irreversible blindness in Nigeria.
- Chickens to families to start a small business.

Thank you to all that have, and continue to support this effort to help people in great need.

This article is reproduced, with permission, from the 'Victoria Village Voice' a quarterly newsletter produced by residents of Renaissance Victoria Point and issued on behalf of the Residents' Association.  

Renaissance Victoria Point